Knights of the Old Republic MMO to be unveiled soon

According to the UK newspaper, The Daily Star, the lid will soon be blown off BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic MMO. A reporter for the newspaper is traveling to the beautiful city of San Francisco to “file an exclusive report on the game.” Why The Daily Star and not Destructoid is your guess as much as mine.

It’s interesting that EA and BioWare have been so quiet about the title. If the comments from our impromptu announcement story are any indication, the majority of KotOR fans are pretty excited about the possibility of the MMO.

I’ve been thinking about mounts in MMOs of late, and I wonder what exactly the KotOR MMO will have. Spaceships will probably handle intergalactic travel, but what will carry the player around on the ground? I vote riding around on Wampas like C3PO rode Chewbacca. Granted, it wasn’t really riding nor was it a choice, but the thought of putting my fledgling Sith apprentice in a basket on the back of a smelly animal makes me more excited.

[via CVG]

Brad BradNicholson