New Kirby’s Return to Dream Land trailer spotlights ‘Merry Magoland’

kirby's return to dream land magoland trailer

You must be this Puyo to ride

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Here’s a healthy dose of cuteness for your Thursday lunchtime, as Nintendo has released a colorful new trailer for the incoming release Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe, which will launch on the Switch platform later this month.

The trailer, titled “Welcome to Merry Magoland“, invites us into the almost sickeningly adorable theme park, described by the enthusiastic narrator as an “out of this world destination for general merry-making”. The theme park will provide Dream Land Deluxe players with a selection of fun mini-games, a few of which are new, while many of which have been recreated from their original appearance in some of Kirby’s classic prior adventures.

These multiplayer showdowns will include shooting galleries, bomb-tossing silliness, and even an amusingly stoic samurai showdown. The all-new “Booming Blasters” — essentially a Kirby-themed variant of the top-down carnage depicted in games such as Bomberman — looks to be a particular highlight. It’s not all for naught, either, as while players enjoy games and explore the park, they will also earn stamps that can be traded in for new Copy abilities as well as various exclusive dress-up masks.

Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe launches exclusively on Nintendo Switch February 24.

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