Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom goes gold, gets a fan site kit

Microsoft and developer Blueside have announced that the upcoming Xbox 360 title, Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom (the fourth in the series), has gone gold. The action RPG real-time strategy-ish title will ship to stores on January 8, 2008, and will feature four-player co-op over Xbox Live. 

Since you’re all excited now, you might want to create your own fan site, and Microsoft and Blueside have just the thing. They’ve put together a nice little package of box art, screenshots, avatars, and other goodies to help you out in that special endeavor. I didn’t realize people actually made fan sites dedicated to anything, but I suppose you can also use all of the provided assets to really “pimp out” your MySpace page. Just make sure music plays when I load the page, or I’m not sticking around; total auditory assault, please.

Pick up the fan kit and check out some screenshots of the game over at

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