Kingdom Hearts VR is a thing, coming to PS4 this year

Hollllld me (in VR)

Kingdom Hearts is back. It even has an Eminem song to prove it!

Seriously though did it ever leave? I know it’s hard to keep track of all of the “782/3 Where is My Lunch Money Dream Edition” releases over the years but we got a Kingdom Hearts III lead in semi-recently, and Kingdom Hearts III has a bonafide release date of January 29, 2019.

To help usher that in we’re getting Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, which launches later this year (“holiday” to be exact) on PS4. Yep it’s a PSVR joint, and will feature “iconic, breathtaking music,” and roughly 10 minutes of interactive video with “more content to unlock.”

Square Enix has been researching this whole Disney-esque VR experimentation thing for a while, and this seems to be one of the fruits of their labor.

Free Kingdom Hearts VR Experience Coming to PS VR This Holiday [PS Blog]

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