Did you know there’s 12 Kingdom Hearts novels? Well, you do now!

Kingdom Hearts novels

You can buy the collection for $150

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If you’ve heard the phrase “you learn something new every day,” you’ll know that it doesn’t always have to be useful information. While the knowledge that a whopping 12 total Kingdom Hearts novels exist might not be the best news you’ve heard today, it’s happening with or without your approval.

As announced by Yen Press on Twitter, the complete series of Kingdom Hearts novels is for sale now. It’s slated for a November 2021 release (well that’s not very Kingdom Hearts, you need to announce it years in advance then delay it!), for $150. That hefty price point gets you 1232 pages in total, with 12 novels combined into one hardcover omnibus format, with 13 art prints, as well as a Keyblade keychain made of metal.

Here’s a quick recap of what you’re getting:

“Reexperience the novelizations of every installment of the Dark Seeker Saga, from the very first Kingdom Hearts all the way to Kingdom Hearts III, in one beautiful collection! In addition to all the text and illustrations from the novels, this collector’s edition also includes 13 art prints and a metal keychain replica of Sora’s Kingdom Key!”

If you’re remotely interested in the idea of Kingdom Hearts novels, there’s a master list here that breaks down what each one deals with. In short, they move from Kingdom Hearts, to Chain of Memories, to KH2, to 358/2, to Birth by Sleep, to Re:coded, to Dream Drop Distance, to X, then closing out with KH3Kingdom Hearts III is the main event, as it boasts three volumes.

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