Kingdom Hearts III is getting a PS4 Pro bundle next month

Disney would be proud of this merchandising push

Square Enix spent a lot of time and money on Kingdom Hearts III, so you better get ready for the huge marketing push from, well, now, until its late January launch.

Sony has just announced that they will be hosting a special edition PS4 Pro, fitting for the platform holder that the series originated on. It’s called the “Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PlayStation 4 Pro bundle” (yep) and will arrive in the US and Canada on the same date as the game: January 29, 2019.

It’s the 1TB edition of the console, and will come with a matching Kingdom Hearts-emblazoned DualShock 4, on top of an actual PS4 copy of the game (something that needs to be specified in an area of special editions with empty boxes). Sony reminds us that the game is PS4 Pro enhanced.

Sony buries the lede a bit here, noting that the bundle is $399.99 and is only sold at Gamestop and EB Games “while supplies last.” If you want one, you can pre-order it starting today. Good luck!

Limited Edition Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro Bundle Launches January 29 [PlayStation Blog]

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