Kingdom Hearts’ Goofy statue reminded me of his near death experience and potential eternal sacrifice


Remember when Goofy almost died in Kingdom Hearts II? I mean, what if Square Enix wrote that script, hoping to get it approved, and Disney shot it down? I’m surprised they even allowed him to have a near death experience to be honest. Imagine being Bill Farmer, who’s played the character for close to 30 years now, and reading that script.

Whatever the case may be, Goofy survived, and now he can be sold forever more in action figure form.  Bluefin just released the latest info on their Kingdom Hearts S.H.Figuarts line in fact, and you’ll be able to pick up Donald for $45 and Goofy himself for $55.

The site has a lot of details on how poseable they are, which includes action poses and a few facial expressions to “re-create all sorts of scenes,” like Goofy’s death!

SH Figuarts Kingdom Hearts Goof and Donald Duck US Release Details [Toy Ark]

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