Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories remake coming to PlayStation 2

Square-Enix is a really oddball publisher when you think about it. That the company chose to follow its highly popular PS2 adventure Kingdom Hearts with a GBA-exclusive card-based game is testament to this. Chain of Memories canonically sits between the first game and Kingdom Hearts II, and if fans wanted the full story, they needed that little cartridge to bridge the gap.

Not for much longer, as Squeenix has confirmed that Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories is coming to North American PS2s on December 2 in remake form. As you can quite clearly see, this remake will continue Square Enix’s tradition of having absolutely piss-poor names for its videogames.

With an RRP of $29.99, Re: Chain of Memories will include new minigames and a returning voice cast, doubtless making it a worthy purchase in the eyes of fanatics. How about you guys? Anybody interested in picking it up?

James Stephanie Sterling