King of All Cosmos gets a Gamertag: Beautiful Katamari a 360 exclusive

Newsweek‘s Level Up videogame blog is reporting that Namco Bandai’s next-gen rolling-s**t-up simulator, Beautiful Katamari, will be coming exclusively to the Xbox 360. When the game was originally revealed, the title was set to find a home on Sony’s console as well, but it seems weak hardware sales and some clever negotiating nipped that one in the bud.

Level Up’s N’Gai Croal points out that while a niche title like Beautiful Katamari isn’t going to make or break Sony’s console, moves like this are quite telling.

“It demonstrates the impact that the continued weak PS3 sales are having on the strength of the platform,” Croal writes, adding the fact that Microsoft’s strong push towards courting Japanese publishers is finally paying off.

And it only took them six years!

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