King Bill talks games (shortly before buying Portugal)

Bill Gates, the world’s richest man and leader of Microsoft (the world’s most ubiquitous software vendor), sat down with Dean Takahashi of the Bay Area’s Mercury News, and said some intriguing, and blunt things about his competitors and Microsoft’s strategy.

Of particular note was a bit where he figuratively patted Nintendo on the head and sent them to their room shortly before drinking a bottle of Jack and smashing it against Sony’s head.

Bill on Nintendo:

Bill: Nintendo of course is a competitor. But look at the resolution you get with a controlled experience like that.  Say to yourself, how in terms of using a game for a long period of time, what kind of accuracy and capability do you want? Look at the classic Nintendo positioning. Look at the graphics. Look at Nintendo’s execution in terms of online capability. We have this thing that nobody has ever seen before. When you say to your friend, hey let’s play online, you say then you have to buy an Xbox. That’s what 10 million people say. If you want to play online, get an Xbox.

Well said Bill. Perhaps next you could figuratively murder the pony you bought him for his birthday! It would toughen him up and maybe someday he, the weak little company your ex-wife fawns over, would grow up to be a tough company like the one you actually love.

Hit the jump for figurative footage of Bill slapping the taste out of Sony’s “mouf”. 


Dean: Do you think that with this generation of games, Sony is going to have anything that looks better than the Xbox 360’s Halo 3 for the PlayStation 3?
Bill: No. They were going to have the Cell be the video processor. But they didn’t know what they were doing. They said the Cell is the video processor. But they turned to Nvidia at the last minute, but Nvidia can’t do embedded DRAM. Go look at the bandwidth problems. Go ask the guys running … now. They took their year and burned it by not having a decent CPU strategy and then turning to Nvidia at the last minute. It’s a very unusual thing. Those processors are isolated from each other. You are seeing great game developers. Things will get better on us and on them. We think they’re get better on us. That is so close. We claim we’re better. It doesn’t matter. It’s just like pointing at the Xbox 1. We were 20 percent better. But it didn’t matter. We were a year late, didn’t have the best games. We had this bigger box. We did have online. We didn’t switch positions on that.

The vitriol in his words is tangible. If this gaming blog were a figurative day time talk show hosted by former mayor of Cincinatti, Jerry Springer, Bill would have just snatched the wig off of Sony’s head and called them a “cheating slut” before throwing a chair at the entire fat company.

We here at Destructoid applaud Bill’s candid remarks and we wish everyone would be as straightforward as Big Willy has been about his competitors. Of course, he could afford to have the entire island of Japan melted down and sculpted into a seventy foot tall statue of the Master Chief, but that wouldn’t be nearly as fun for me to write about.

Thanks Bill!


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