Kinect gets its first official crap accessories

Oh wait … you thought that because Kinect didn’t use a wacky waggle stick, it wouldn’t get a load of crappy peripherals like the Wii and PlayStation Move? Oh you poor, naive fool!

PDP has announced a range of official accessories to enhance your Kinect experience, including a big tripod that you can sit the unit on for a mere thirty bucks. You know, just in case you have a need to buy more useless items after you’ve already dropped $150 for Kinect itself. 

PDP is selling a Wall Mount (glorified shelf) for $14.99, a TV mount (glorified VESA mount) for $39.99, cable extension (glorified cable extension) for $49.99 and the floor stand (glorified stick) for $29.99.

It’s only going to get sillier and more obtuse from here, kids.

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