‘Kinect Fun Lab’ might be a Microsoft E3 reveal

I think it’s safe to say that Microsoft will be focusing on Kinect this E3, set to go down early June in Los Angeles. A source tells Siliconera that something called Kinect Fun Lab is in the works for a reveal at the event. It sounds…fun, and Kinect-y. You may be imagining some sort of a game of minigames using Kinect motions. I’m picturing a game where you have fun with a lively virtual Labrador Retriever puppy

There’s another possible Kinect title called Kinect Me. This popped up on Australia’s Classifications Board, and lists Microsoft as the publisher. Your guess is as good as mine on what kind of title this will be. 

And while probably not Kinect related, two other titles showed up up on Australia’s listings: Crimson Alliance and Fusion: Genesis. Siliconera says that Crimson Alliance is being developed by Certain Affinity, creators of Age of Booty. 

Dale North