Kinect busted open, tech explained

That rad techwhore website T3 was invited by Microsoft to see how their motion-sensing tech is created. T3 went to the Redmond HQ and took some pictures of the system’s innards.

They’ve also posted a full rundown of how the whole shebang works, if you’re interested. They go into detail on how the movement tracking works. It uses a laser projector to send beams into your field of play, and then the camera separates you from your living room. Then it goes into processing and actually creates a skeletal system continually, at 30 frames per second. Damn!

There’s even more on the voice recognition tech and how the Kinect motor (in its base) works. It’s a very interesting read.

Me? I like the tech stuff, but I’m in it for the innards pictures. The topless Kinect looks a bit like ol’ No. 5 in the header image if you ask me.

Dale North