Killzone 3 influenced by Half-Life, Uncharted

Everybody’s influenced by somebody, unless you’re Randy Savage, who influences all. Guerrilla Games has namechecked its own influences when it comes to Killzone, and both Half-Life and Uncharted get pride of place. 

“In terms of the most influential games for us at Guerrilla, the first one has to be Half-Life,” said MD Hermen Hulst in OPM. “Just because of the sheer quality of the implementation of the first-person experience, and also the variety in there and the storytelling. “A second [influence] would be Uncharted 2. Those guys set a new bar for character development and storytelling, and it’s something we all have to try and match.”

There are definitely worse games to be influenced by. I’m not quite sure Guerrilla nailed it from a narrative perspective, but they definitely challenge Valve and Naughty Dog when it comes to making awesome stuff explode in your face. 

That, on its own, is a very noble goal. 

Killzone 3 dev most influenced by Half-Life, Uncharted [CVG]

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