Killer Instinct character leaks hint at General RAAM and Mira

For Season 3

By way of a Season 3 leak for Killer Instinct, two new characters may have just been revealed. The first is Mira, who is said to be the sister of Maya, who was released in Season 2. She was supposedly dead based on the story, but will presumably come back at some point.

The other big addition is General RAAM, of Gears of War fame. He’ll join the Arbiter from Halo and Rash from Battletoads to augment the cameo theme in Season 3. I’m sure some purist will love Mira but RAAM is exciting, especially if he brings his chain saw.

8+ Hour Long Killer Instinct Season 3 Stream, showcasing competitive matches [NeoGAF via Shoryuken]

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