Kena: Bridge of Spirits studio Ember Lab says it’s recouped its development costs

Kena: Bridge of Spirits development costs recouped

They’re already working on its next project, too

Ember Lab launched Kena: Bridge of Spirits just last month, and it sounds like the game’s already been a success for the studio. The studio’s founders confirmed in a new interview that Kena has already made its development costs back on its debut game.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Ember Lab founders Mike and Josh Grier confirmed that Kena: Bridge of Spirits has recuperated its initial costs. They didn’t close what those numbers are, though they did confirm that Sony is “happy” with the figures.

Though Ember Lab started out as a studio making animated commercials and branded game applications, the founders confirmed they’re “not going back to commercials.” According to their chat with Bloomberg, Ember Lab will become a full-time developer, and is already working on its next project. They’re not formally announcing anything yet, though they do tell Bloomberg it will be a “narrative-driven” game, similar to Kena.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits launched on PC and PlayStation consoles last month, and garnered some good praise for the studio’s first outing. Our own Jordan Devore wished for a sequel in his thoughts on the game, and while that wish hasn’t come true just yet, it’s heartening to see a studio have such a strong launch out of the gate.

Eric Van Allen