Katamari Forever sound director on new score of remixes

I love Katamari Damacy’s musical score, but I’ve grown a bit tired of hearing the same thing over and over with its reuse in the last couple of series games. Because of this, I was pleased to find out that the upcoming PS3 game Katamari Forever would feature some new music.

The PlayStation Blog has some score details from the sound director of Katamari Forever, Yuu Miyake. Did you know that the original idea for this game was to have foreign artists remix the soundtrack? That would have been great! Too bad it didn’t work out.

Since the first game, Katamari Damacy, was originally only released in Japan, we wanted Japanese singers who were well-known in Japan but nobody had heard from in awhile for whatever reason. For the second game we wanted to do the same thing but with foreign artists. However, this didn’t happen because of our lack of foreign friends and ability to negotiate.

Aww, that’s kind of sad. But it came out great anyway. In the end, they ended up picking their favorite songs and having Japanese artists remix them. When you think about it, that’s probably better for the game.

You can hear for yourself in the video examples the PlayStation Blog has lined up.

Dale North