Devolver Digital’s KarmaZoo looks like adorable 10-player mayhem

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There is no ‘I’ in ‘T E A M’

Devolver Digital, in association with silly studio Pastagames, has lifted the lid on a delightful-looking multiplayer puzzle platformer, KarmaZoo, currently in development for PC and console platforms.

In KarmaZoo, teams of 10 randomly gathered players must use spirit, synergy, and even sacrifice in order to navigate a near-endless range of procedurally generated stages, all created within a pixel-perfect realm known as “The Loop”. The 10-strong team must capitalize on a huge menagerie of characters, (including a returning PixelCat), abilities, and perks in order to ensure that the whole squad, (well, not always the whole squad), is able to find their respective path through the level and, hopefully, get to the finish line unscathed.

Helping your teammates, leading the herd, and even committing self-sacrifice so that others may continue will all earn your character the precious resource, Karma, which can be used to unlock new characters, perks, stages, and much more. Check out the action in this announcement trailer.

In addition to The Loop, KarmaZoo also supports several local multiplayer modes, in which you can challenge friends and family to a variety of party-style games, such as being the first to reach the summit of a mountain, races through auto-scrolling mazes and labyrinths, and other quick-fire mini-games. Conquer as many as possible to claim your rightful place on top of the celebratory “Totem”.

KarmaZoo looks like a great time-filler — especially for those homestead gatherings — sporting cute graphics, fun characters, and a nice spirit of teamwork and camaraderie. Definitely worth keeping an eye on this release as we closer to its launch window. KarmaZoo is scheduled to launch this summer on PS5, PC, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

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