Team Yakuza’s Judgment and Lost Judgment are now available on PC

judgment lost judgment pc

Solving crimes with haymakers

In a surprisingly unceremonious piece of news, publisher Sega and developer Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio have quietly ported detective thrillers Judgment and Lost Judgment onto PC. The two Judgment titles are now available to purchase via the Steam platform, priced at around $40 and $60 USD, respectively.

Judgment (2018) and its sequel Lost Judgment (2021), follows the adventures of lawyer-turned-private detective Takayuki Yagami, as he becomes embroiled in various escalating mysteries on the mean streets of Kamurocho — which just happen to be the setting for Ryu ga Gotoku Studio’s flagship franchise, Like a Dragon. In the Judgment titles, players follow trails of evidence, interrogate perps, and solve minor and major crimes, more often than not at the end of a skinny-jeans-borne spin-kick.

Much like its Ryu Ga Gotoku brethren, the Judgment titles are renowned for their brutal martial arts combat, stylish nightlife settings, and abundance of dopey, tonally inconsistent mini-games and side activities. Both titles are solid, and well worth checking out if you’ve exhausted the Yakuza catalog and are looking for something to tide you over until the release of the just announced Like a Dragon 8.

Judgment and Lost Judgment are available now on PlayStation, Xbox, Stadia, and PC platforms.

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