Jochisiu Shrine “Keys Born of Water” guide in Tears of the Kingdom (Totk)

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There are over a hundred shrines peppered throughout Hyrule, and they each present puzzles that can be tricky to solve. Some of the shrines feature combat, while others require creativity and out-of-the-box thinking to solve.

A few of the shrines contain no puzzles or combat within them, and the challenge lies in getting to the shrine, or figuring out how to unlock it. This is the case with the Jochisiu shrine. If you need a guide for the Jochisiu (Keys Born of Water) shrine, look no further.

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Jochisiu (Keys Born of Water) Shrine Location

The shrine isn’t hidden, though it doesn’t seem like a shrine at all at first. It is located on the southern bank of Squabble River which is not too far from Dueling Peaks Stable in West Necluda. The precise coordinates for the Jochisiu shrine are: 0949, -1833, 0016.

Instead of the typical shrine, Link will find a Construct standing beside three stone altars. Each altar has a diamond-shaped hole in it. Speaking to the Construct triggers a new shrine quest, and Link is informed that to unlock the shrine, he needs three keys born of water.

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Jochisiu (Keys Born of Water) Shrine Solution

Solving this puzzle requires different elements because ice, water, and fire are used. The first clue comes from the Construct that reminds Link that water comes in many forms.

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Step One: Create the Keys Born of Water

Beside the wall, there is a shelf of Zonai gadgets. All that’s required for this shrine is the Frost Emitter. Grab it and head to the edge of Squabble River. Activate the Frost Emitter, then use Ultrahand to dip the gadget underwater. This will cause slabs of ice to form.

There are only three ice slabs needed, but it’s wise to make four or five just in case an error is made. After the ice slabs have been created, carry them back to the wall. They can all be carried in one trip if they are fused.

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Step Two: Shape the Keys Born of Water

The Frost Emitter usually creates square slabs of ice that are perfectly sized to fit into the first diamond-shaped hole in the wall. Stick the first slab in, and the altar will sink underground. The second altar has a smaller diamond-shaped hole. Fortunately, there’s a pile of wood beside the Construct.

Ignite the wood. This can be done by placing a piece of flint beside it and striking it with a metal weapon, using Red Chuchu Jelly, striking it with a ruby-fused weapon, or shooting Fire Fruit fused to an arrow. Next, grab another slab of ice and use Ultrahand to hold it above the flame for a second or so, just enough to let it melt a bit. If timed correctly, the ice slab should fit in the next altar. If it’s still too big, hold over the flame a little longer. Repeat the process with the last altar.

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Step Three: Enter the Shrine

After the three altars have been unlocked, the shrine will finally appear. All that’s left is to enter it, claim the reward in the treasure chest, and grab the Light of Blessing at the end. This one is a Rauru’s Blessing shrine, so there is no puzzle or combat within.

Though this shrine isn’t simple, it does have a logical solution. There are several other instances where knowing a bit about the elements in Tears of the Kingdom is of great aid. For instance, splashing water on lava creates stone slabs which can then be used to cross the steaming stream.

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