Jesu-Chu? Christmas presents for gamers

Everyone have probably already started their Christmas shopping, if they haven’t, well then you better snap to it before the only gifts left in the stores are fruit cakes and old copies of Spice World for the Playstation. [Editor’s note: Spice World happens to be one of the best Spice Girl games ever made, so I’m not exactly sure what Faith is implying — Nick]

But if you are still looking for those perfect gifts for your favorite gamer, then have I’ve got a sweet list of stocking stuffers for you, and I promise none of them are naked pictures of Ron Workman. I’m saving those for Nex this year. 

Hit the jump for all of the videogame-inspired holiday cheer.

Dan 8-bit has created these neat fused-bead Mario Santas with his own two hands, and a lot of smoking up. These pieces aren’t for sale yet, but give the Etsy crafters time and they’ll be selling copies of these designs before you know it.

You could even make them yourself to hang on your Christmas tree, or are you just too lazy? Huh? Get off your butt and make these now!

For you lazy people, there are some gamer ornaments available on to decorate your tree this year. Choose from Shy Guy or Gameboy bulbs created by Press Start to Begin

BS Angel has a great collection of holiday cards to send to everyone on your friends list. Wanna add more insult to the people you pwn? Then send them a sweet Tea bag card. Let the people close to you know how sweet your tea bags really are.

For the people you really love, there’s the 1337 card that allows you to send “Season’s Greetings” the way it was meant to be typed.

Finally for the gamer that has everything, buy something to replace that goofy Alf poster from the 80s — Podkayne Studios has some excellent glossy photo prints to brighten up any basement. Each picture features scenes created with Play Mobil figures, and are finished off with some sweet gaming figures.

Choose from “Little town of Nibelheim” print featuring the gang from Final Fantasy or “Jesu-chu, I choose you” print featuring the Pokemon. Both make a sweet first Christmas scene.

Now there should be no excuses for giving crappy presents this year, as I have provided you with some excellent ideas. Next post: Chanukah gifts for Jewish gamers!