Japanese Harvest Moon WiiWare lets you milk cows! Cows, I say!

This may not be the best WiiWare title in the world, but it still has me interested. The Japanese WiiWare title Harvest Moon: Makiba no Mise, has the player go through a series of mini-games that pit you in the position of the townspeople within Harvest Moon.

For the most part, the games will involve you making food such as juices and ice cream for customers — not anything as exciting as managing inventory or paying salaries. That’ll probably be for a later title. All told, the title will be sold for 1500 Wii points on April 26th, a date that all you Japanese Wii owners can mark on your calendar.

While I’m not really highlighting the game for being a breakthrough title full of new and innovative features, I do like the fact that it’s presenting a somewhat new perspective on the world of Harvest Moon, expanding the universe ever so slightly. It’s an area that I’d love more companies to do: put out games that expand the universe, not in the way that normal DLC does, but instead provides a new type of gameplay set within the same world.

I’m not talking about anything fancy here — nothing more than WiiWare, PSN, or XBLA releases, and probably something relatively simple. It’d be a way for companies to really test the waters of trying out new ideas for a series, and it would keep the fans interested for longer. What titles would you want to see expanded like this?

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