Japan: where you can wear your love of Pokemon on your face

Japan, Japan. The land where a man can throw worms about on a train just to see women scream and the penalty for a teacher cutting himself in front of his students is merely a slap on the wrist, it sounds like a wonderland for the weird. Take this item, which only be rightfully called a “fashion mask”. In case you don’t know, the Japanese often wear surgical masks during their commutes in order to avoid catching germs from others.

Wacky, right? But even more so is the fact that you can get “kawaii” masks such as the one you see above, which comes with Pokemon stickers so you can personalize your germ phobia accessories. I hear you can also buy a full plastic space suit with Pokemon ears which you can wear to make sure that absolutely no bacteria ever touches your body. Now, did I make that up — or can you really buy it in Japan?

[Via Kotaku]

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