Japan gets some budget priced PS3 games

I love getting PS3 game son the cheap. I always feel like I’m gwetting away with something. According to Kotaku, I will be able to get that feeling again very soon as a nice handful of PS3 titles will be going to budget prices this September in Japan. Well, if I feel like importing, that is. Here’s the list that’s getting reduced:

*Gundam: Target in Sight
*Ridge Racer 7
*Eternal Sonata

These will all be reduced to ¥2,980 (roughly $31) with the exception of Eternal Sonata, which would be about $39. I wonder if these reduced prices will eventually hit the US as well? I snapped up Eternal Sonata for $19.99 used a few weekends ago, and it seemed to be in plentiful supply, so even that price reduction wouldn’t have had much appeal for me … but this would be a good chance to pick up the excellent Uncharted if you missed out on it before.

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