Jaffe’s live blog of a focus test: Entertainment defined

David Jaffe is THE man. Not only does he make great games — *cough* God of War *cough* — but he also speaks his mind in a way that only a loose cannon such as myself can really appreciate. The latest Jaffe tirade of comedy is his live blog that he did of a play test for Calling All Cars — the PS3 downloadable title that is coming soon. Check out the highlights:

9:22- Still waiting for this motherf****er to show…that’s the thing with focus tests…you pay these companies a good amount of cash to go out and find inbiased people to come play stuff, and they get paid, and you usually have like an 80% show rate…there’s always a few who sign up to come but do not…one of these focus companies would do well to charge a bit more and then have back up testers to promise you get the number of people you want even if the first picks have a few no shows….f**k tards….and yeah, since I am typing fast, prep for lots more cursing cause I got not time to edit 🙂 

More gold after the jump. 

9:27- Ok, we’re gonna start without the f**k…whatever. Dammit! But yeah, here come the butterflies…will they like it, will they make fun of it, will they LOVE it?!? HATE IT?!?! Shit, here we go…they are all sitting down at the ps3’s….here we go…

9:36- Jesus…this one guy on the right screen is so f**king stoned…he’s like 40 and at a focus test on a wed morning….he prob is a stoner…cause he has NO CLUE how to play this game!

9:54- Scott just said: Stoner is prob. getting freaked out form all the sirens sound fx in the game…that makes me laugh 🙂

1:49- Moving to split screen…man tester #5 is a fucking dolt!!! What the hell?!?! He is just driving in circles…not even playing the game…is that fucking spit drooling out of his stupid fucking mouth!?!?! Ahem,well…anyway…. 🙂

6:03- From IM between me and Adam:

adamorth (6:00:57 PM): GOD DAMMIOT!!!!!
spdrmn375 (6:01:06 PM): what?
adamorth (6:01:13 PM): not only is #4 stupid, but he’s a fucking asshole
spdrmn375 (6:01:18 PM): y?
adamorth (6:01:23 PM): jesus!
adamorth (6:01:27 PM): what a fucking snot
spdrmn375 (6:01:29 PM): what?!?
adamorth (6:01:39 PM): no swag!
spdrmn375 (6:01:49 PM): lame
adamorth (6:01:55 PM): he called me an idiot
spdrmn375 (6:02:01 PM): why?!?
adamorth (6:02:18 PM): becuase i told him not to keep pressing the buttons
spdrmn375 (6:02:24 PM): for what reason?
adamorth (6:02:46 PM): because he kept rushing through the menu to create game ahead of the host
spdrmn375 (6:03:07 PM): ah…sweet! BLOG TIME!!!


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