Jack Black tries to make funny in latest Brutal Legend promo

This latest “Brutal Thoughts with Jack Black” promotional video for Brütal Legend isn’t quite as funny as some of the previous ones. We blame it on the suspicious lack of Tim Schafer. Well, at least Schafer gets top billing on the game’s box art, right?

So here we have Jack Black interviewing a “roadie” named “Meatbones.” Totally brutal, right? But that’s the joke! He’s not. Hah! Right, guys!? Hah? Eh, they can’t all be winners, I suppose. Now the Brütal Legend t-shirt that Black is wearing… that’s a winner! How many Double Fine groupies do I need to sleep with around here to get one of those? 

Check the full video after the jump, which does contain some gameplay footage if you decide to stick through the roadie sketch. Not sure how much of it’s new, since it looks pretty familiar, but it is still totally awesome. 

Nick Chester