IW employees claim Activision was a ‘police state’

We’ve all got short term memories here on the Internet so it’s understandable if you forgot about that little lawsuit thing that is going on between Infinity Ward’s ex-heads and Activision. It got kind of ridiculous with a bunch of name calling and the like, but now an update of a second suit filed by other ex-Infinity Ward employees against Activision has raised the lawsuit-name-calling bar by stating that Activision instituted a “police state” mentality in order to make Infinity Ward develop the next Call of Duty game.

The suit, which was filed by a group of 40 former Infinity Ward employees, alleges that Activision not only withheld royalties were owed, but that the company forced the employees into secret interrogations and positioned security at the doors of the Infinity Ward offices. Pretty strong words, so it seems a little odd that the update to the lawsuit also scales back the amount of money that the employees believe they are owed from $625 million to $216 million, at most.

A judge is set to determine whether this lawsuit and the West and Zampella lawsuit should be merged into one on August 5.

Lawsuit: Activision Created Modern Warfare “Police State” [Kotaku, via Gamasutra]

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