I’ve run out of good headlines, but this is a call for Podtoid questions

Join the Discussion or whatever people say

Go ahead and look through our Podtoid Questions tag. There’s some real good stuff in there, and I can’t top most of it right now. I could’ve said “Let’s chat” or some lazy-ass shit like that, but that’s a Total Steven Move. If nothing else, I promise to be ABS (Always Better [than] Steven).

The purpose of this post (apart from slagging Steven) is to let you know that we’re recording Podtoid today. We have Sweet Baby Ray on the show. When he’s not hocking his sugary barbecue sauce, he’s gonna talk about video games, probably. I’ve been calling him my Sexy Brutale Pal lately so that will definitely be a topic of conversation. That game is good. You should go play it.

But, there’s no I in team (except for in this new Rocket League clip of mine) which means we can’t do it alone. We need you to ask us some questions or tell us some stories about stuff. We don’t really care what it is. Want to know how many scorpions is too many scorpions? Sure, we’ll have that talk. Want to tell us about your newfound love of numismatics? God, boring! But, okay, share.

You know what to do, Fellow Disqus Users. Type words in the box below. Or email us. [email protected] Make it good. Shoot your shot.

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