It’s just like Fruit Ninja, but with zombies

Sold on it? No? Didn’t think so

This all rather smacks of ingenuity. A new game just released on Xbox One, and it looks an awful lot like another popular title. Trade some produce for the undead and throw in some coins, and it seems as if you have a borderline clone.

Yes, Slice Zombies for Kinect might as well be Fruit Ninja Kinect for all intents and purposes. It has that same tossing arch, that same player shadow, and those same bombs that you’re definitely not supposed to slice. And, its title is somehow less imaginative.

Well, this could be great news for fans of the slicing genre that just can’t wait for Halfbrick to put out its games. Or, it might thrill someone from 2009 who shows up in a time machine and thinks that zombies are still super cool. “Can’t wait to slice some zombies!,” he’ll say, completely oblivious to what Kinect is. “Oh, Project Natal? Yeah, that looked kind of cool, I guess.”

Brett Makedonski
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