It won’t take long to get Aloy’s Stormslinger Prototype in Iceborne

PS4-only event quest available until January 10, 2020

As if I needed another reason to check back in with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne.

Earlier this afternoon, the latest Monster Hunter x Horizon Zero Dawn collaboration began, and I’m just now remembering that – duh – the latter game also got a cold-weather expansion (The Frozen Wilds). To participate, you’ll need to be Master Rank 24+ and take on the event quest “Into the Frozen Wilds.”

It’s a straightforward fight against Zinogre (one of Iceborne‘s best), who serves as a stand-in for the Scorcher in The Frozen Wilds. You shouldn’t have trouble if you’ve fought the thunder wolf before – just remember to pack a pair of Hot Drinks, because you’re gonna be hunting in Hoarfrost Reach.

Clear the quest by January 10, and you’ll earn Banuk Warrior Symbols for your trouble (I got three), which you can cash in to craft the “Stormslinger Prototype” Light Bowgun and the “Focus” pendant.

The Rarity 9 weapon needs these parts: Banuk Warrior Symbol (x3), Zinogre Deathly Shocker (x4), Zinogre Hardhorn (x1), and Zinogre Hardclaw (x2). Easy peasy if you’ve explored the Guiding Lands.

The next phase of the crossover is scheduled for December. “Hunters will be able to build a full armor set fashioned after the Shield-Weaver armor in Horizon Zero Dawn and embark on new event quests to upgrade the Stormslinger weapon from the first round of quests in November,” according to Capcom.

I’m not a Light Bowgun player, but I’m happy to see them in my hunting parties.

Jordan Devore
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