It seems Rage 2 will not be launching on Steam

Time to RAGE about it

Bethesda’s upcoming Rage 2 looks to not be launching on Steam. Similar to Fallout 76, the game will first hit Bethesda’s own launcher service before making its way to Valve’s digital marketplace (if it even does come). Other digital retailers such as Green Man Gaming and Fanatical have warnings that keys purchased through them will not work on Steam and it looks like the retail release will also be the same.

While Fallout 76 hasn’t been particularly good for Bethesda, it does make sense that the company would be willing to gamble with its biggest releases on a proprietary launcher. With Epic Games also following suit with certain titles, this could finally light a fire under Valve’s ass to get Steam into a better place.

At any rate, if you do intend to grab the PC version of Rage 2 and are dedicated to Steam, just know you’ll be in for a wait.

You can only preorder Rage 2 for Bethesda’s launcher right now, not Steam [PC Gamer]

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