It looks like there’s another Mario anniversary pin set, but it takes a bit more work to get

Remember that first Mario pin set from last year?

No? Well you were probably in the group that couldn’t actually order them. You can read the above articles detailing them though! See how shiny they are? Well, you’re going to get another chance soon, but it’s going to be for a different set.

This time, in what Nintendo is calling “Wave 2,” the set includes: Sunshine, Galaxy, New Super Mario Bros. U, 3D World, and Odyssey pins. It’s a clear effort to sort of capture the “modern” side of Mario, as opposed to the retro-tinted first wave set. It also has a new set of requirements.

Now you’ll need to buy Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury to qualify, and clear 14 other Mario missions (Bowser’s Fury actually counts as the 15th mission requirement). Do not listen to the “ends on April 1” expiration date, as the pins could go on sale before that, and could sell out far before that date (you will, however, get mission credit for any future requirements).

As a reminder, missions are located here. You can knock out a bunch of easy ones to net nine roughly quick missions; but a few of them are time-gated (mostly involving challenges in various Switch games) and the moment has already passed.

You still have time to participate in the Splatoon 2 Splatfest Online Challenge when it kicks off on January 15 (until January 17). You can also “sign up” to complete a mission. Good luck!

Wave 2 rewards [Nintendo]

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