Is Wild Hearts Steam Deck compatible?

Wild Hearts Steam Deck

Monster hunting on-the-go

An official Wild Hearts Steam Deck version would be a fantastic way to take your monster-hunting exploits on the go. Having a coffee at Starbucks while taking down a challenging beast sounds like bliss. Publisher EA and developer Koei Tecmo gave an official answer as to whether or not Wild Hearts is compatible with the Steam Deck or not.

Is Wild Hearts Steam Deck optimized?

Wild Hearts Steam Deck Verified
Image via EA and Koei Tecmo

Unfortunately, as of the time of writing, there is no official Wild Hearts optimization for this portable device by EA or Koei Tecmo. Wild Hearts has not yet been fully tested yet by Valve, despite other early 2023 games like the Dead Space remake and Hi-Fi Rush getting the official tick.

“The game won’t be supported on the Steam Deck at launch.,” said Executive Producer Lewis Harvey on a Reddit AMA. “I have one though and want this as much as you!” Wild Hearts fans, however, shouldn’t give up hope because Harvey also mentioned that they hope to “get to this in the future.”

Will it be worth waiting for?

While Wild Hearts will still be bootable on Steam Deck, there is no guarantee it will run well on the system. However, it may be worth the risk. According to our preview, the game will have exciting action, an interesting trap system, and dynamic environments. “I’m going to love exploring this world,” said Chris Carter. “It looks fantastic, and nearly every character/enemy model I’ve seen so far is pronounced.”

Hopefully, that world can be scouted further portably if an official Wild Hearts Steam Deck update is released.

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