Is there a valid reason for the absence of mods for UT3 on the Xbox 360?

If you have been holding your breath, waiting for news from Microsoft that mods for the upcoming  Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament III were still a possibility — well, you might want to start breathing again, lest you perish. According to Microsoft’s Chris Satchell, it opens up security holes that are just asking for trouble:

“There’s a lot of people out there that just want to prove they can screw things up… Any platform that lets you do that, and doesn’t have the right security measures in place — whether it’s Sony, whether it’s Nintendo, whether it’s Apple, whether it’s anyone — you’re inviting trouble, because sooner or later someone will want to prove they can do it.”

Now if you read the interview in its entirety, you will notice that he is cautious not to mention UT3 specifically — but we all know that has been a big point of contention for those with an Xbox 360 looking for an experience equal to what “the other guys” have to offer. As WIRED pointed out, we too wonder how the XNA Creator’s Club is going to figure into all of this. Not to fan the flames of valid paranoia, but Microsoft does have a tendency to be a hacker’s paradise. Still, it would be nice to see Xbox 360 owners enjoy one of the best parts of games such as UT3 … the mods. I think Mystikal said it best.

[Via WIRED — Thanks, Jonathan!]

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