Is The X-Box 360 Mom-Friendly? Not Really

Back in 2005 at the release of the 360, Peter Moore said to Primotech, “…God forbid, even your mom will be playing games here [on the 360]…”One gamer decided to find out for himself if this was true or not. A writer for Primotech decided to have his mother set up and play through a bunch of X-Box 360 games to see if Peter Moore’s words were really true. The mother played through games such as Hexic, Uno, Geometry Wars, Condemned, Prey, and Oblivion in order to see how “mom-friendly” the system was.All in all, the mom enjoyed playing the games, but not enough to go out and buy the system. The controls were too much for her, and overall, it felt like it took up too much time. Sure, she had fun, but its not going to result in any console sales. The interview at the end about the mom’s experiences was insightful and well worth a read.For the full story of what went on, visit Primotech’s article “Warrior Woman”.

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