Is the original Puzzle Quest and expansion headed to PSN?

It’s been some time, but I’ve been able to release myself from the death-grip known as Infinite Interactive’s Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Wardlords. Its cunning mix of classic gem-matching gameplay with role-playing game elements was too hard to resist. It didn’t help that I could play it on just about everything I owned: PSP, Nintendo DS, PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, my cell phone …

But now it looks to draw me back in, this time possibly on the PlayStation 3. PEGI has rated the ridiculously-named Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords Revenge of the Plague for the PlayStation Network. The listing suggests that the game will contain both the original game and the recent fan-named “expansion pack,” Revenge of the Plague, and will also support online play. 

With the follow up, Puzzle Quest: Galactrix, coming to the Xbox 360, PC, and DS this fall, they’d better hurry up and release this year-old title on PSN soon. By the time it’s available, gamers may have already embarked on their jewel matching space quests.

[Via Siliconera]

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