Is news of Sony’s ‘Big Bang’ really just big BS?

It was fun to guess what Sony is supposed to announce during the rumored October 12th “Big Bang” that we all have been talking about, and while we all have our own theories, Sony isn’t the type to confirm any guesses. What they have confirmed is that the “Big Bang” won’t be any kind of planned event or conference… or so they say.

According to 1UP, if Sony does have something up their sleeves, it won’t come to us by way of conference or event.

“I am not aware of any big event planned for 12th October, press conference or otherwise,” said SCEE Director of Corporate Communications Nick Sharples.

This pre-holiday period is the perfect time for Sony to drop a big bomb, but without any kind of fanfare (that they know of), will this rumored “Big Bang” just be a little press release in our inboxes? Or, is it nothing at all?

[thanks, JV] 

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