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Is Impa still alive in Tears of the Kingdom? – Answered

The return of the Sheikah?

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Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom returns to the world of Breath of the Wild, with a few twists. Some characters return and have bigger roles, and some don’t make an appearance at all.

But what about Impa?

You’ll encounter Impa early into the story, after touching down at Lookout Landing

Although the bulk of the story takes place at Lookout Landing with Purah and her crew: Impa does impact the Tears of the Kingdom story somewhat.

Despite being a retired leader (her in-game title is “elder”), she still assists you in setting up the Zelda “Tears” sidequest by introducing you to Geoglyphs: the crop-circle-like formations found around the game world.

What do you do if Impa isn’t getting into the hot air balloon?

You need to talk to Impa to get her to go into the hot air balloon and progress the story.

If you attempt to rise up on your own she’ll chastise you, and you’ll teleport back to ground level. At first, I attempted to maneuver the device onto Impa herself, but chatting with her will cue up the story transition.

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Here is a map of every tear in Tears of the Kingdom

As part of the game’s story, you’ll gain access to a map that showcases all of the “tears” you need to look for, found within the Geoglyphs.

Feel free to consult the image above if you need a point of reference! Geoglyphs can also be spotted when being shot out of towers.

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