Is Hogwarts Legacy DLC coming? Release date, rumors, explained

Hogwarts Legacy DLC rumors and release date

Complete in box for now

Hogwarts Legacy is out now with a lengthy main storyline that will keep players busy for dozens of hours, at the bare minimum. But players will inevitably finish the game at some point and all of its available content. Will there be Hogwarts Legacy DLC to pad out the experience for longer?

Is Hogwarts Legacy DLC coming?

Technically, Hogwarts Legacy already has DLC in the form of the cosmetic packs like the Dark Arts DLC pack. You can even purchase it separately from the main game right now without having to upgrade to the Digital Deluxe version.

As such, it stands to reason that there are going to be other DLC cosmetic packs like this one. They would potentially add new robes, headgear, and mounts to the game. However, you probably aren’t here for that type of downloadable content.

In terms of DLC that adds new areas, story quests, and characters, that is uncertain. Neither WB Games nor Portkey Games have announced any DLC plans at this time. But considering that the game is continuously breaking records for single player games on Steam, it only makes sense to capitalize on that success.

One of the best ways to mine the game for more value and revenue would to offer DLC in the future. While it’s unconfirmed for now, it might make sense for DLC in the future.

Potential DLC release window, explained

As for when players might see Hogwarts Legacy DLC, that remains to be seen. Since it hasn’t even been teased or announced at launch, that could indicate it is a ways off, if it ever happens. The only thing we can do for now is speculate on when possible DLC might release.

A possible release date/window for Hogwarts Legacy DLC could be a year after release. That would give the developers a year to wrap up any improvements and bugs, and focus on new content. That would be plenty of time to come up with new content. As such, players might not see potential DLC until 2024.

What Hogwarts Legacy DLC could entail

As for what the potential Hogwarts Legacy DLC could include, it is highly possible that it could bring back Quidditch. Early in the game, it is made clear that Quidditch was canceled for the calendar year, which is why the fan-favorite wizard sport isn’t available in-game.

This could just be a lore explanation for why Quidditch was canceled while in development, which a reputable Discord leak reports. That same leak came out before the game’s release and accurately leaked several of the spoilery core plot details that happen in Hogwarts Legacy.

Since Quidditch was presumably canceled, potential DLC could bring it back. In addition, the DLC could also possibly include the Patronus charm. This is a spell that many fans wanted to see in the game but it isn’t available.

Hogwarts Legacy DLC could also expand upon the game’s ending and show your character’s adventures beyond the 5th year. Or the developer could always skip DLC entirely and opt to go the sequel route.

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