Hogwarts Legacy Patronus, explained

One with your inner animal spirit

The Harry Potter franchise is filled with many memorable spells, not the least of which is the Patronus charm. This powerful charm spell protects the user from Dementors and reflects their inner animal companion. But can you use your Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy?

Can you use your Patronus in Hogwarts Legacy?

Hogwarts Legacy has well over 20 different spells for players to use in combat and exploration, including the evil killing curse spell. But the unfortunate reality is that the Patronus charm isn’t one of them. Unfortunately, this spell isn’t in the open-world action RPG at launch.

Despite having the Expelliarmus, Accio, Lumios, and many other spells in Hogwarts Legacy, the Patronus charm isn’t one of them. This may be disappointing for some players who would like to summon their animal companion to help them fend off evil.

This is especially tragic since the Wizarding World website allows you to find out what your Patronus is. Despite letting this account determine your chosen house and wand in Hogwarts Legacy, the Patronus quiz has nothing to do with the game at this time.

Why Hogwarts Legacy doesn’t have Patronus

As for why the Patronus charm isn’t in Hogwarts Legacy, there could be a couple of possible reasons for this. First off, there is the fact that there are more than 140 different Patronus creatures that you could have as your spirit animal partner. That’s quite a lot of different creature models that developer Avalanche would have had to make for the game. And the worst part is that’s only for a single spell.

Sure, Hogwarts Legacy could have simply restricted the number of Patronus to a couple dozen, but then that could have possibly angered a few fans even more. The other main reason for the lack of the Patronus charm is likely due to the overall lack of Dementors in the game. After all, Patronus are mainly used to defend a magic user from the terrifying Dementors.

Though they do appear briefly in one side quest for Hufflepuff students, the lack of Dementors in the main story is likely a large part of why Patronus aren’t in the game.

Will Patronus arrive in the future?

There is always the possibility that DLC could arrive in the future for Hogwarts Legacy. Though DLC is unconfirmed at this time, it could potentially open the door for new spells like Expecto Patronum.

Sadly, the WB Games Support Twitter page has already confirmed that there are “no announced plans” to add the Patronus in the future. So, even if there is Hogwarts Legacy DLC someday, it may not bring with it the Patronus.

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