Is Faruzan good in Genshin Impact? Pros and Cons

Faruzan is a 4-star Anemo Bow character in Genshin Impact and one of the more controversial characters in the roster. Here are some things to consider when asking yourself if you should pull for Faruzan.

The Pros

Faruzan is the single best Genshin Impact support for Anemo DPS units like Wanderer or Xiao. Even characters that typically fill a more supportive role (like Venti or Jean) can become formidable DPS units with Faruzan on the team. Her Constellation 6 in particular grants a hefty 40% Anemo CRIT DMG, a buff that is unique to Faruzan alone.

Even better, her buffing abilities don’t require much investment into her stats. Genshin players are all too familiar with the artifact grind, attempting to obtain artifacts that min-max certain stats. Faruzan’s most important buffs scale only with Talent Levels, not any particular stat. This allows players to slap on whatever artifacts they may already have, as long as she ends up with enough Energy Recharge. 

In addition, these buffs last quite a long time. At Constellation 0, her buffs last 16 seconds after she casts her Burst, which covers the entire duration of Wanderer or Xiao’s combo with time to spare. With her Constellation 2, she gains an additional 6 seconds of uptime, allowing her to go first in a rotation and maintain full uptime on her buffs. Combined with the generous AoE of her buffs, her buffs are quite reliable once she casts her Burst. 

The Cons

Faruzan’s greatest drawback is her need for Energy. Her Burst costs a whopping 80 Energy to cast, tied with several other characters for the second-highest Burst cost in Genshin. Meanwhile, she generates very little Energy for herself. Her Skill generates two Anemo particles — but not immediately. She has to use her Skill, and then perform a fully-charged Charged Shot. This is not always feasible when you have enemies knocking you around or when you would rather have Xiao on-field instead. Equipping Favonius Warbow can allow Faruzan to generate three clear particles if her Skill lands a CRIT, but this also adds a layer of RNG to your rotation. If you happen to get particularly unlucky, then you either have to spend more time getting Energy or you simply don’t have Faruzan’s Burst for the next rotation.

But at least her Constellations fix some of her issues right? They do! But with caveats. Faruzan’s Constellation 1 allows her to fire two powered-up Charged Shots after each Skill rather than just one. This would be great if it meant twice the particle generation, except it doesn’t. She can only generate particles every 5.5 seconds, so if you perform two consecutive Charged Shots, only the first one will generate Energy. Constellations 4 and 6 are more impactful in terms of Energy generation, but…

Faruzan is the dedicated support character for Wanderer. This means that she has only ever been on rate-up banners together with Wanderer, and this will likely remain the case for the foreseeable future. So if you want Faruzan but not Wanderer, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to pull on a Wanderer banner anyway. In addition, there is no pity for a specific 4-star in Genshin’s wish system. It is entirely possible to go hundreds of pulls without a single Faruzan. And if you want her most impactful Constellation, you will have to obtain Constellation 6, which means pulling seven copies of her. Faruzan is the perfect illustration of how a 4-star character is not always free-to-play friendly.

So is Faruzan good in Genshin Impact?

Faruzan is a dedicated Anemo buffer, and she is very good in that role. However, without Constellations, it can be difficult to play her comfortably. If you are lucky enough to have C6 Faruzan in Genshin Impact and you enjoy playing Anemo DPS characters, then it is worth it to build her. If you do not have Faruzan or her Constellations already, then it’s difficult to recommend pulling specifically for her.

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