Is Bayonetta still a badass without special effects?

God, just look at her. Her levelf of badassery is light years beyond what the average woman could ever dream of achieving. Also, her hair turns into a giant boot which proceeds to kick you in the face if you’ve been naughty. Seriously, what’s this b*tch like in the sack? She might kill you if you can’t rise to the occasion.

Well, we’ve seen her in prototype form already, but the videos after the jump give us a peek at something a bit different — how Bayonetta’s world would look withour special effects. Effects designer Kudo talked about the experience of adding effects to Bayonetta over at the Platinum Games blog, where he explains that people outside the industry often don’t understand what his job consists of. They ought to get it after watching these videos, I’d guess!

[Via Joystiq]

With effects:

Without effects:

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