Is 30 games in Rare Replay not enough for you?

What would you like to see added?

Although Rare is packaging 30 of its biggest games together with the release of Rare Replay, turns out 30 retro Rare games might not be enough.

During a special Twitch livestream, Rare’s James Thomas said that whittling the included games down to a round 30 was hard enough. Consequently, there’s still a chance that some left-out favourites may make the cut by way of DLC. 

“There is a wealth of titles that we could dip into; a huge heritage beyond the 30 that we chose,” Thomas said. “But that’s what made choosing the 30 so hard in the first place. We had to put aside [our own personal] preferences. We hope we’ve done [that], but you never know, there could be space for more.”

Rare Replay releases on the Xbox One on August 4. 

Was there a favourite of yours that failed to make it into the final game? If you could select any game from Rare’s extensive back-catalogue to add, what would it be? 

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Vikki Blake