IRL images of Black Wii and Blue Wii Remotes

Remember when we told you about the Black Wii that Japan is slated to get? Well, Nintendo gave us craptastic renders that we’re supposed to believe are real. We’re not fooled, Nintendo. We want to see the real deal.

We finally have real images of both the Black Wii and a Blue Wii Remote, both fresh from Japan’s World Hobby Fair.

The Black Wii and its accessories, the new Wii Classic Controller and the Wii Remote/Nunchuck with black grips, look as shiny and fingerprint magnet-y as we expected. But still nice. The Blue Wii Remote, which Kotaku says is a Japan-only Club Nintendo contest prize, looks like something we saw at E3 2006, color and all. 

If you’re interested, there’s plenty more pictures of World Hobby Fair at Japanese page Inside Games. There you’ll find shots of the PSPgo, some other booths, and plenty of Monster Hunter action.

Dale North