iOS 13 brings PS4 and Xbox One S controller support at last

MFi no more

As part of WWDC 2019, Apple announced support for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S controllers on not just Apple TV, but iPhone and iPad too. The newfound console gamepad compatibility is coming with iOS 13 and iPad OS later this fall. If you own an iPhone 6S or newer device, you’re in luck.

Among other bullet points both big and small, the upcoming software refresh also promises smaller App Store downloads and more speed “apps launch up to 2x faster in iOS 13,” according to Apple.

iOS 13 has a few other features that might be relevant to your interests as a game-playing individual. Going forward, Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices will be conveniently accessible from Control Center so that you (or a forgetful parent) won’t need to go digging to, say, connect a speaker. There’s also a new Dark Mode that’s “easier on your eyes and won’t disturb people around you.”

As game streaming becomes bigger and Apple Arcade gets off the ground, widespread controller support on iPhone and iPad is a must. PS4 and Xbox One S gamepads are hopefully just the start.

For clarity, there is a difference between the original Xbox One controllers and the Xbox One S revision in 2016. The latter gamepads have textured grips and, crucially, Bluetooth support without an adapter.

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