Invizimals getting a PSP bundle, like all other PSP games

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Another upcoming PSP game, another upcoming PSP bundle. Invizimals is the latest vaguely important PSP game to get its own special console package, with a “vibrant blue” system, a copy of the game, and an all-important camera. 

In case you’ve forgotten (and we can’t blame you), Invizimals is an interesting looking “augmented reality” game in which the camera is used to make magical creatures appear in your very living room. It looks like it might be quite cool. If you own a PSPgo though, you can’t play it, as the camera is only designed for the older, better PSP models. 

The package costs $199.99, which really isn’t very bad. Might be worth picking up if you’re interested in this game. 

Invizimals PSP System Entertainment Pack [GameStop]

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