Insomniac’s Wolverine will be a full length game, and ‘mature’ in tone, which is the only way to go

Wolverine Game

No blood in a Wolverine game would be pretty weird

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Akin to the upcoming Venom and Carnage film’s PG-13 rating, a Wolverine game without gratuitous violence would be pretty strange. But apparently that’s not happening, according to Insomniac creative director Brian Horton.

The trailer for Wolverine was one of the more shocking reveals in the recent Sony showcase, and folks are interested in hearing more about it like, as soon as possible. Although we’ll have to wait for more specifics, we do have a bit of info thanks to Horton’s Twitter account.

When asked by a fan if it’s a “Miles Morales“-size game, Horton responded: “full size, mature tone.”

It’s a simple and brief tweet, but it’s all we have to go with at the moment for the Wolverine game. Plus, I think most people fully expected it to be a fully-fledged release, and Miles was kind of a rare inFamous: Last Light or inFamous: Festival of Blood micro-situation (look at that callback). Still, I’m glad they said something.

It’s good timing too, because by the time this Wolverine game actually comes out, Marvel could have cast the next actor in the MCU for the part. Disney works in mysterious ways!

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