Insanely happy Spyro statue available for pre-order at First 4 Figures

The abyss gazes back at you

I don’t smile much, y’all know this. But if I did, I’d probably look like this new statue from First 4 Figures, which sees popular PlayStation superstar Spyro the Dragon, smiling as if he’s been given drugs from a dystopian societal government.

Still, he makes for a cheery centerpiece, depicting the winged wonder in PVC form. Spyro stands eight inches tall and six inches wide, so this example is a much smaller affair than some of First 4 Figures other releases. Spyro poses with a gemstone, on a nicely-designed base reflecting the in-game terrain. Not only that, but if you order the Exclusive Edition from the First 4 Figures website, then you also get Spyro’s guiding pal Sparx, a numbered base and limited edition packaging.

As this statue is a much smaller item, Spyro won’t break fans’ bank accounts too much. The standard edition – which will be available at high street retailers – is expected to sell at around $80 USD, whereas the Exclusive Edition is a little pricier at around $100. Pre-order validation for the Exclusive Edition begins October 5 and will remain open until November 2. Spyro is expected to ship in Q1 of 2019.

Chris Moyse
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