Infinity Ward programmer quits after six years

Infinity Ward just lost another one! With former bosses Zampella and West forming Respawn Entertainment, and following the departure of two key developers, the studio has just seen yet another veteran leave its ranks. The latest loss is programmer Jon Shirin, a man who spent six years with the company.

“After almost 6 years at Infinity Ward, I resigned today. I’m incredibly proud of everything we accomplished and I’m going to miss everyone,” Shirin announced today. 

Infinity Ward has now lost five important players since the fateful “invasion” of Activision last month. So far, nobody has confirmed whether or not these departures are all related or a coincidence, but it certainly doesn’t look great for Activision. As it stands, Infinity Ward appears to risk becoming a shell of its former self while some very talented developers find greener pastures. 

Best of luck to ’em. 

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