Infinity Ward says fixes for Modern Warfare II are coming in wake of the open beta

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II beta fixes coming after beta

The studio has big fixes incoming for Modern Warfare II

Getting to play a game’s beta before its release is definitely exciting, but it’s not without its downsides — because said game isn’t out yet, it can come with a whole slew of bugs that still need working out, which can range from minor inconveniences to game-breaking issues. While the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II beta was a blast to play, of course, a few problems have stood out to players more than others. Specifically, players complained about imbalanced footsteps audio, as well as issues with enemy visibility.

No need to fret, though, because Infinity Ward has announced that they’re already on the case to fix these bugs, and more, before Modern Warfare II‘s full launch. “While sentiment around footstep audio was more positive in Beta Weekend Two, we have seen your continued feedback on the volume of footsteps and will continue to balance enemy/friendly footstep audio ahead of launch,” the studio said in a press release addressed to players.

“Enemy visibility is something that came up throughout both weekends of our Beta. While many of you remarked on the improvement in Weekend Two, we’ll look to tweak increased enemy visibility to allow for better visual tracking of opponents that is not solely the traditional nameplate.”

Players were also having difficulty with their lobbies disbanding, and that’s yet another detail that Infinity Ward has promised to iron out. Other improvements include continued weapon tuning, tweaks to the camera in the new third-person mode, and fixes to the AI navigation in Invasion mode.

Even with all the bugs, Modern Warfare II so far captures the feeling of some of the best the franchise has to offer, and I am absolutely stoked to play more of it. If anyone needs me, I’ll be playing the Shiphaus 24/7 playlist in Vanguard until full release next month.

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